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by Roman Kisil


System-wide Audio Equalizer for Mac OSX

Last update: 03/September/2015

Contribute FAQ Feedback

There are a couple ways You can contribute to the project:

1. Feel like I saved you some money from buying an infinitely more expensive alternative? You can contribute by
Keeps me motivated to work on eqMac!

2. If you are a developer and you have some ideas you would like to add to eqMac I have exciting news for you! I am planning to release the source code on GitHub so other developers can add their contribution to the project. Much work to be done before that can happen though...

3. If You don't feel like doing any of the above you can also spread the work about eqMac, it always helps! If you have some friend that like to listen to their music on Mac computers tell them about how they can improve their experience with eqMac!
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